RSBS: Installation and Maintenance Inspections Workshops

New Zealand Transport Agency conducts these courses for Government and Local Roading Asset Authorities, Contractors, Consultants, and any other interested party. Conference Brokers Limited has been contracted to administer and organise the courses on their behalf.

This two day workshop focuses on the information and practical skills required to inspect barrier installations and carry out maintenance inspections of road safety barrier systems. This workshop is necessary for those who certify installations for fitness for purpose.  It is a prerequisite for both the Road Safety Barrier Systems Design Workshop and the Road Safety Temporary Barrier Systems Workshop.

NZTA and Local Authority Staff, Consultants and Contractors responsible for road safety barrier design, installation certification, audits, or maintenance should attend and complete the practical assessment.


• Road & roadside safety overview.
• Performance principles.
• Hardware review.
• Design overview.
• Inspections.

In future consultants and contractors carrying out design and/or supervision work involving road safety barriers will need to have attended this practical workshop and demonstrated their proficiency through completion of a practical assessment.
A list of those who have achieved this qualification is now on the NZTA Website.

The course is held over a 2 or 3 day period.  All attend the first day theory session and thereafter a half day practical session.

Day 1 9:30am – 4:00pm Theory
Day 2/3 7.30am – 11.30am Morning practical
12.30pm – 4.30pm Afternoon practical

Priority for those requiring accommodation or travelling will be on a Day2 practical. If not scheduled for a practical, attendees return to the office and come back to attend their practical, may be on Day 3. Practical schedule will be included with the Joining Instruction issued prior to the course.


21–23 March 2017 – Christchurch , Commodore Hotel Unfortunately this course has been Fully Subscribed
29–31 May 2017 – Hamilton , Distinction Hamilton Hotel Unfortunately this course is also fully-subscribed
25–27 July 2017 – Lower Hutt , Angus Inn Unfortunately this course is also fully-subscribed
15–17 August 2017 – Auckland , Jet Park Hotel, Mangere South Auckland Unfortunately this course is also fully-subscribed

5 – 7 December Hamilton – Distinction Hamilton Hotel NEW COURSE
Registrations are being accepted for the new course, but should places become available on earlier courses you may be invited to transfer to the earlier courses.

Accommodation is available at the venue hotels. Refer to the details on confirmation letter which will be returned following receipt of registration.


Mr Shane Dale – T2 Engineers
Mr Stuart Fraser – NZTA National Office
Mr Julian Chisnall – NZTA National Office

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